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Classy and Sassy Digital Marketing is a top digital marketing agency that focuses on expanding your business with digital advertising services. At Classy and Sassy Digital Marketing, we strive to meet your needs and ensure your website represents your business. We are happy to build and maintain a website that meets your needs, looks great and reflects the personality of your business.

Our digital marketing services provide companies of all sizes an opportunity to advertise their brand 24/7 at a low price. Hiring us for your online advertising company is one of the best ways to reach more prospective customers, while keeping a strong relationship with your current clients.  From large businesses to small businesses, as long as you possess a substantial digital presence, your clients will be able to find you.

How can you turn these online views into paying customers? Your site is arguably your best marketing asset and should include an on-call representative available 24/7. But how would you go about locating this service for your website? 

Let our digital marketing and web design crew help you create an internet marketing technique to drive more qualified customers to your website and turn those visitors into sales and leads.

We offer a comprehensive evaluation form that will help us identify the Strengths, Threats, Weaknesses, and Opportunities from a digital advertising perspective – which includes actionable insights you can take to fill the gaps left by industry competitors.

What are you waiting for? Contact us now and begin dominating the web! 

Web Development

We focus on core web competencies, including fully responsive web designs, website optimization, conversion optimization, website maintenance, and creative development. Our focus and experience on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and various digital marketing channels allows us to compete at a higher level than other web design companies. Because of this, our team excels in developing fully optimized sites from the start, saving our clients time and finances. 

Advantages in contracting with Classy and Sassy Digital Marketing & Web Design: 

  • Full-Time Website Support: The website design staff is available on your schedule to upgrade your site.
  • 100% Ownership: When your new web design launches, it is yours. You have 100% ownership.
  • Absolutely No Hidden Fees: When you work with us, there will be no hidden or surprise costs.
  • Stress-Free Process: We tackle all of your web design and electronic advertising needs. 
  • Built for Digital Marketing Success: Our sites are designed to be SEO-friendly to boost your online visibility.

Our web designers create every element through the design process. Responsive website design is a development strategy that enables the site to dynamically change in appearance depending on the device screen size and orientation. Responsive design is a progressively crucial element of any site development today. Over 50% of online activity around the world happens on mobile devices. Desktop follows very closely behind with more than 40% of web activity. Many of our law firm and business web design customers already know this, though they need help making their sites fully responsive. When you use our website team to create a brand new site, we consider the layout, media, font choices, logos, brands, and more to make sure your site is responsive on all modern mobile, desktop, and tablet devices.

SEO & Local Map Rankings

Douglas County SEO

The significant benefit of search engine optimization is an increase in visitors. Website SEO is a standout amongst various other techniques to make focused on exercise to your entry. Our passionate SEO experts will manage the everyday duties of boosting your site analytics and increasing your keyword count, causing your site to rank higher with the Search Engines. 

At Classy and Sassy Digital Marketing, we have faith in ethical result-oriented SEO techniques and technologies. We escalate your internet occurrence through our unique strategies that work continuously. Furthermore, our SEO company team knows how you can rank for the regional market. We will help you explore within the net crawlers for the apt keywords that are being noticed through the appropriate group of onlookers.

Google Ads

At Classy and Sassy Digital Marketing, we handle your Google Ads account, tag keywords that will drive buyers to your site. Highly targeted keyword research will determine the most cost-effective strategy to obtain clients searching for what you offer. We will build effective paid search strategies focused on meeting your goal, cost per lead, or sale, using robust research programs and business knowledge. By using Google Ads, you will be connected with customers excited to find your site. The combination of our knowledgeable staff and our expertise makes us a top Google AdWords company to work with.

Our objective is to turn every dollar you invest into multiple dollars of profit – producing a sustainable, effective campaign.

We introduce pictures that end the scrolling, terms that get folks thinking, and advertising tactics that guarantee the people looking for your products or services are driven to your site. We can handle the multiple moving parts necessary to enhance your online industry presence.

Classy Digital Marketing Google Ads Roseburg

Social Media Ads

Classy and Sassy Web Design Roseburg

Our company’s social media ads services allow you to create instant results on social networking. We connect your services or products to thousands of individuals who might be interested in them. And so, in case you are searching for practical methods to enhance your lead generation, brand awareness, sales, and conversions, then our marketing agency is everything you need. 

Social media marketing is considered as the most cost-effective form of advertising available to date. Typically, you can invest five dollars and reach 1,000 folks.

Social marketing is beneficial since you can focus on a specific demographic. We can enable you to reach people based on:

Demographics: We can target certain ages, income levels, locations, and more!

Site Visitors: Add retargeting pixels to your site and promote to the latest site visitors. Only 1 to 2% of visitors return on their first visit. We will make use of remarketing to boost your rate of sales.

Our social media advertising services will benefit your bottom line. You can reach people immediately on social networks. As you reach more distinct individuals, you create a buzz for greater brand awareness, sales, and traffic